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The Yottery

The Yottery is usually drawn on the 2nd Friday of the month.  Membership is restricted to permanent Members of the Royal Fowey Yacht Club.  Participating Members,after a payment of 50p registration/entrance fee and enrolment in the Yottery, may then take up Shares (in £1 units) with payment into a special bank account.  They may take up as many shares as they wish and may cancel subscriptions on one month's notice. There is a bumper payout which is drawn in January - see prospectus for eligibility to be included in this special draw.

Members can view the latest winners by logging in and then clicking on 300 Club Winners in Club Member Resources box.

Yottery Application Form.pdf52.95 KB
Yottery Prospectus (revised January 2019).pdf109.32 KB