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The Club, together with the Fowey Gallants Sailing Club organise a full programme of sailing races. It plays a full part with others in promoting the racing programme during the Fowey Royal Regatta under the umbrella of the Port of Fowey Race Organising Committee (POFROC). Other class racing events are hosted from time to time.

The annual Sailing Calendar, Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions are now all available from the POFROC website - see link on our home page.

The Fowey Royal Regatta is held, as a general rule, in the third full week of August.

 Regatta Week is 19th - 25th August, 2018

For photographs of Sailing Events visit the photo gallery.



The Club dinghy has now been moved to a permanent running mooring (frape).
If you are using the dinghy please clip the dinghy on the ring below the buoy after use, and pull out the mooring.
Please leave the oars tidily below the seat.