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Private Functions and Hiring the Club House








Club Letting Policy

Since the refurbishment of the J-Room we have seen an increase in demand for the Club to be used for Member and non-member functions. The Management Committee is keen to support such usage but believes there must be a fair charging system to cover both the additional costs such functions entail e.g. bar staff, cleaning etc. and to provide fair recompense to members who are not involved in the particular event.

The Management Committee has carefully considered this matter and proposes the fee structure detailed below which is designed to:

  •   allow Members moderate use of the Club facilities, which in no way affect other Members, at no charge

  •   ask Members with larger functions to pay a modest fee to defray the additional costs

  •   for weddings, which require the use of substantially all the Club facilities and puts a higher burden on staff etc. require a significantly larger payment, albeit well below commercial rates for the venue we can offer

  •   require non-members to pay notably higher but, commercially, still attractive, prices.


    The Management Committee will be monitoring all such bookings to ensure that Members are not unduly inconvenienced and that the additional revenue for the Club is appropriate compensation for any inconvenience caused.


    The Committee also recognises that it cannot anticipate the exact forms of all possible functions and that some functions may not easily fit into the proposed charging schedule, however, it will form the underlying basis for considering other arrangements. It will always remain open to any member to approach the Honorary Secretary to discuss any other proposals.


Use of the Clubhouse for private functions

Any private function, booked through the office, requires prior approval of the Management or Operations Committee or the Social, Catering and Wine Sub-Committee acting under agreed rules. In exceptional circumstance (e.g. very short notice), the function can be agreed by the Honorary Secretary, or in the absence of the Honorary Secretary, any other Officer of the Club.

No bookings will be taken for July and August and Public Holidays except at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Bookings will not be confirmed until the Honorary Secretary is satisfied dates do not conflict with any other Club event.

The Clubhouse and bar will always be available for use by Members, notwithstanding private events. The Restaurant may be fully booked for the event and therefore not available for use by members.



  •   Where up to 20 attend: No charge to the Member utilising solely the ‘J’ Room

  •   21 50, a nominal charge of £50

  •   51 75, £100

  •   Over 75, £150

    Non Members

  •   Bookings for up to 20, utilising solely the ‘J’ Room, £100

  •   21 - 50, £200, use of restaurant (lunch or dinner) including bar

  •   51 100, £350, function for over 50 people by agreement with the Honorary



    £1000 Members, £1500 non-members

    Funeral Wakes

£100 Members, £350 non-members

Payment Terms

For functions where the cost is expected to be below £200, a non-refundable payment must be made, in full, at the time of booking.

Where the cost is expected to be above £200 a non-refundable deposit of £200 must be paid on booking, the balance must be paid 6 weeks before the function.

For weddings a non-refundable deposit of £500 will be payable at the time of the booking. The balance will be payable 6 weeks before the date of the function.


Corkage is a service levied by the RFYC for opening and serving bottles of wine, sparkling wine, champagne and spirits that are bought externally by Members/Customers with the intention of consuming them on site. The current corkage charge is £10 inclusive of VAT per bottle.

Local not for profit organisations

Organisations local to Fowey (e.g. Friends of Fowey Estuary, Red Hatters, Fowey Festival, Troy Players, Fowey Ladies Luncheon Club, NCI, RNLI etc.) and appropriate visiting organisations (e.g. sailing associations), should generally be allowed to use the Clubhouse for meetings and functions without charge, so long as they utilise bar and catering arrangements. This will be at the discretion of the Management Committee, and depend on the timing, frequency, overlap of membership and size of function.



June 2016