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Application for Membership

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Admission of Members

Anyone interested in joining the Club is warmly invited to visit the Club Office. Various forms of membership are available, including Full Inport or Outport Membership, and temporary Holiday Membership. The vast majority are Ordinary Members who are designated as either Inport (living in Cornwall) or Outport (living outside Cornwall for at least eight months in each financial year).

Annual subscriptions vary according to the type of Membership. On joining, this is pro-rata according to the  month of election. No entry fee is payable. To view the current subscription rates click on Membership/Annual Subscriptions.


The admission procedures are broadly as follows:

 Inport/Outport Membership

Anyone wanting to become a full Member will need to complete a membership proposal form. You can download this form or ask at the Office or Bar. You will then need to find members to propose and second you. Proposers will be existing Members who have themselves been Members for at least two years.  If you do not know a Member, please speak to the Secretary who can usually arrange for you to meet some Members.  You will also be invited to join Members on a Friday evening during the Welcome hour or lunchtime on Saturday at the Club to introduce you to some of our Members.

Once you and your sponsors have completed the form, take it or send it to the office, together with a cheque for a deposit towards your membership fee (see the Annual Subscription dropdown menu).  The completed form will then be posted on the notice board for a minimum of ten days before going to the Management Committee at the next monthly meeting for approval.  

Upon receipt of the proposal form and deposit, you will be offered Temporary Membership of the Club. You will also receive a special Members' 'Loyalty Card', enabling you to purchase drinks and meals from the regular menu at reduced, and very competetive, prices.

Holiday Membership

 If you are a visitor to Fowey and would like to become a member for the duration of your holiday, you can ask for a form for Holiday Membership from the office, or the bar when the office is closed.  Alternatively download the form and bring it into the Club.  You will be asked to give both your permanent address and your holiday address, and to show some ID (eg credit card, driving licence).  The maximum duration of any Holiday membership is 2 weeks in any one year.   Upon receipt of the fee of £30 per week for an individual or family (including established partner), you will receive a membership card giving the start and end dates of your Holiday membership (Please note that Swipe Cards are not available for Holiday Members).

All enquiries should be made to the Honorary Secretary.

Telephone: 01726 833573   Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 0930 to 1230.




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