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Annual Subscriptions





   1st OCTOBER 2017 - 30th SEPTEMBER 2018

(unchanged from 2016-2017)

                                                      INPORT                                                                        OUTPORT  

(Living in Cornwall) (Living out of Cornwall for at least 8 mths of the yr)

Single                                                  £260.00   (Monthly DD  £270)                               £156.00 (Monthly DD £162)

Family*                                               £371.00     (Monthly DD £385)                              £223.00 (Monthly DD £231)

 Under 40s                                          £ 81.00                                                                         £81.00  

Under 30s  £41.00 £41.00

Cadet (12-18 years)                            £20.00                                                                          £20.00


Holiday Member**                          £ 30.00 per week 

*      Includes children living at home or in full time education

**   Two adults & any children under 16 years.  Maximum holiday membership is 2 weeks in any one year

 A deposit of £50 is required to accompany all applications for membership.  This may be paid by cheque, in cash or by debit card.

Upon your membership being ratified your balance will become due and will be collected by Direct Debit within 4 weeks of your nomination date.

Subscriptions may be paid monthly by Direct Debit, based on ten months.  (There is a small administration charge payable for those electing to pay by monthly instalments).

The new subscription year starts on 1st October.